Never The Right Time, a song by Janine Foster

Janine Foster is a R&B singer most well known for her debut EP Dark Mind. She rose to fame after many of her singles were featured on television shows like Black Ink Crew and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. A songstress from an early age, she began performing at open mic nights at the age of fourteen. She later went on to graduate from University of Auckland with a bachelor’s in music. Never The Right Time is her latest single. As Janine said: “When I came up with the concept I was obsessed with the aesthetic of jumping between worlds, from the bathtub to the ocean. The amazing thing is that it started as a visual concept and turned out to be my emotional story and awakening at the same time […] While the song is actually about being torn as to whether to take a friendship any further for fear of ruining things, and not about the emotional connection and self-love cycle after a breakup, I think the two concepts merge beautifully”.

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