Nune (trailer) a short film by Ji Strangeway

Nune is a coming-of-age drama written and directed by Ji Strangeway. It tells the story of Briana Enright and Nune Lusparian which are two schoolgirls with opposite characters but linked by a common desire. One is ambitious, popular and privileged when the other is shy, lonely and not very loquacious. Although Briana is surrounded by superficial and pretentious people, she develops a weakness for Nune and feels obliged to defend her when she is mocked by classmates. But when start the rumors that she might be gay, Briana fears for her reputation and stuggles to follow the path of her heart. Taken in this abominable game of denial, Nune will have to manage her frustration and wait for a sign. The protagonists are portrayed by Brianna Joy Chomer & Jessica Lauren. Note: you can find all VOD links on their official website.

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