Patience, the story of a broken heart by Mikaelmmelo

This work explores the trials and tribulations of a young lesbian couple, while exposing the sense of falling head over heels for someone in a modern society. The cover of Shawn Mende’s “Patience” follows Melonie (Marisa McDonald), a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, who finds herself infatuated with Blair (Elizabeth Adams), a confident, sultry and sexy woman. Patience – The Story of a Broken Heart explores the complexity of budding relationships, the importance of self-love, and realizing the difference between the love we want and the love we deserve. The orginal song was written by Teddy Geiger, Scott Harris and Shawn Mendes. This clip directed by Mikael M. Melo and Sagi Kahane-Rapport. You can find the behind the scenes footage here.

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