Please Don’t Love Someone, a sapphic song by Hollie Col

Please Don’t Love Someone is the latest single of Hollie Col. It’s theme explores the meaning of falling out of love. Sydney indie artist Hollie Col, recently shared a moody clip – matching the single’s gripping and heartstring-pulling vibe with a teary video that follows the few months proceeding a relationship’s end, capturing all the confusing emotions that this time brings. “I wrote this track at a time when the person I loved wasn’t with me, and all I could do was hope they weren’t with someone else,” she says on the video. “In this video, I wanted to capture those early months after a break-up – the love, the anger, the confusion and the not knowing if they’re going through the same thing”. The official music video of the song was directed by the artist & shared by One More Lesbian (they upload trailers, teasers, lesbian-themed webseries, short films…), you should follow them, just in case you don’t already do it.

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