Polichinelles Season 1, lesbian webeseries

Polichinelles is a French webseries created by Armand Robin and Sandra Parra. Salomé and Marion love each other. They want a child. But for same-sex couples, it’s not easy to conceive a baby… In the midst of a controversy over the opening of the PMA (medically assisted procreation) to homosexual women, Sandra Parra and Armand Robin’s webseries seizes on this subject under the prism of humor and kindness. By choosing a “home-made” insemination, the couple offers us a lot of laughs… while sowing the seeds of potential conflicts with the future biological father, carefree kidult caught up a little late by the reality of its gesture. A successful first season, almost too short, that spares us none of the big and small difficulties that meet Salomé and Marion, but manages to play them with tenderness. The two women are portrayed by Sandra Parra and Magali Genoud. Note: English subtitles in option.

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