A portrait of Sappho, among others n°3 (Lesbian Historic Motif Project)

The Lesbian Talk Show is a blog that shares daily podcasts done for women by women, and the themes are as varied as the women who do them. The site is presented as follow: “Originally started as a podcast channel for lesbians it has evolved to include a number of podcasts that are general enough to be enjoyed by anyone. And besides, whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, asexual, transgender or even heterosexual, we don’t judge, we love all our listeners.” There is a special series called The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast conducted by Heather Rose Jones. The eleventh episode is titled: Sappho: The Translations. In this show, she looks at the legacy of Sappho from the Middle Ages up through the 19th century: the various images people had of her, how people used her as a symbol, the way those images affected how her poetry was translated into everyday languages, and how poets used her themes and imagery in their own work. You can also find another portrait of The Muse by Edith Hall, Margaret Reynolds and Dirk Obbink who where invited on a British Radio Show called In Our Time in 2015.

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  1. Thank you so much for boosting the show! One minor clarification: The Lesbian Talk Show posts a new episode every day, with a number of sub-shows that air weekly or biweekly.

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