Raphaëlle and Alexia in Jeremie

Jeremie is a French Canadian (Quebec) series created by Marie-Hélène Lapierre and Kristine Metz. The story revolves around a gang of teenagers who try to make their way to adulthood. Jeremie (Karelle Tremblay) gets a job for the summer as a lifeguard and meets an original crew. Haunted by a painful secret, the young woman finds refuge in a new job at the Domaine du Lac beach along with five lifeguards: Raphaëlle, Camille, Olivier, Thomas and Maxim. What better way to forget your troubles than partying in the sun? This playlist is focused on the romance of Raphaëlle and Alexia, portrayed by Claudia Bouvette and Marianne Fortier.

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