Red Light, a song by Ria Mae

Ria Mae was once broken up with at a traffic intersection. The singer drew inspiration from the event to write her new song and it’s only fitting that the song’s video depicts a relationship between two lovers at a personal crossroads. This is the official clip of Red Light, in which real-life couple Kristen “Kage” Griesbach and Bronwyn Hope star as two women who know it’s time to move on, even as they continue to relive memories of wintery walks and nights on the town. Ria Mae, who identifies as gay, said she believes “the time is right” to explore queer themes in pop music. Her 2016 video for “Gold” similarly portrayed a passionate, if troubled, same-sex relationship. “Red Light” is the second single from 2017’s “My Love” which is the follow-up EP to Mae’s self-titled 2015 album, her first for Sony Music Canada.

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