RED Season 2 (2015) Lesbian webseries

RED is the first lesbian-themed webesries in Brazil and it tell us the story of Mel Béart and Liz Malmo, two actresses that meet while shooting a short film and end up taking to the real lives the romance they live in action as Scarlet (Mel) and Simone (Liz). After the great success achieved with the first two seasons, RED renewed for third season on Vimeo. Mel Béart and Liz Malmo are portrayed by Luciana Bollina and Ana Paula Lima. This playlist includes the complete season with english subtitles, press the “cc” button. Thanks to lesmedia (blog) for the discovery.

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  1. Anna says:


    There is another serie from Brazil called “Felizes para Sempre”, here’s a clip:

    I believe people will appreciate too.

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