RED season 3, lesbian-themed webseries

The third season of RED, a lesbian-themed brasilian webseries created by Viv Schiller, Germana & Fernanado Belo, is now available worldwide on Vimeo with english subtitles. Here is a synopsis that gives you an overview of the series since the first season: Liz (Ana Paula Lima) is used to have women lining out of her door to be with her, she always moves from hook-up to hook-up. She is caught by suprise with her feelings for Mel, a young rising star she meets on the set of a short film. Mel is married to Henrique and portrayed by Luciana Bollina. In pursuit of a woman she can’t have, Liz start to experience something she never felt before. Working with her love interest everyday ends up challenging her once unshakable confidence. Their relationship is slowly materialized, not without difficulty. The first two seasons are available for free on Vimeo, just in case you want to taste the story before to support the project. Note: All episodes of the last season will be released for free every Tuesday on RED regular channel.

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