Renée Vivien, Relecture (French podcast)

A French documentary aired in 1978, thought by Hubert Juin and directed by Anne Lemaître. With Nicole-Lise Bernheim, Elula Perrin, Bernard Delvaille, Vénus Khoury-Ghatae & Régine Deforges. Renée Vivien was a British poet who wrote in French, in the style of the Symbolistes and the Parnassiens. A high-profile lesbian in the Paris of the Belle Époque, she was as notable for her lifestyle as for her work, which has received more attention following a recent revival of interest in Sapphic verse. Many of her poems are autobiographical, reflecting a life of extreme hedonism, leading to early death. She was the subject of a pen-portrait by her friend Colette.

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