One More: Riders a short film by Super Deluxe

Riders is a three episodes series written, created & directed by Alexandra McGuinness for Super Deluxe. It tells the story of a struggling musician named Mary’s long. While she continues her quest for fame, Mary lost herself in drugs and start to sinks into a disastrous love life in which the man she seduces are either married or inclined to offer her very little consideration. First two espisodes of the series (Glod and Mars) drown us with her in this depressed world before she eventually fills her lack of affection with Suri, a woman who insisted to meet her in the backstage. One More: Riders is the last episode of this story; I just allowed myself to detach this part from the rest of the work because it fulfills all criteria of a short film. Mary and Suri are portrayed by Nora Kirkpatrick and Breanna Box.

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