She Said Lenny, a lesbian short film by Jim Donovan

She Said Lenny is a romantic drama written by Kate Hewlett and directed by Jim Donovan. It tells the story of a woman named Ellen who is meeting her online crush for the first time in person. As she doesn’t know anything about this stranger, she expects a lot from her blind date and begins to be very nervous while waiting “Lenny” in a french restaurant. In fact, she was very far from thinking that her Romeo could be a woman. And when the beautiful Jenny arrives whith a cozy little jean jacket and a red rose in her hand, Ellen is about to explode. After a moment of hesitation driven by the desire to remain courteous, she invites Jenny to her table and gets to know this pretty blonde a little better. Her fears will then fall one by one until Elle realizes that she is developping a real interest for that girl. But will she handle it ? Thanks to Bravo Fact for sharing. The protagonist are portrayed by Kate Hewlett and Michelle Giroux.

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