Sanvers in Supergirl (2.06) confusion, clarity and sadness

In the sixth episode of Supergirl called Changing, Maggie persuades Alex to talk with her family after noticing her struggles to accept herself. Indeed, Alex seems very confused about her inner feelings. The thought of coming out makes her very nervous, so she begins to consider her love interest as a simple phase. But Maggie insists that a frank discussion with Kara could help her to see things more clearly. During a walk in broad daylight, Alex finds the courage to confides in her sister and remembers her unusual behavior around a girl she knew a few years ago. Supergirl does her best to understand Alex, but she is very surprised at the time. Both disconcerted by these confidences, none of them really know how to react and Kara doesn’t find the opportunity to be supportive. In a second discussion, Kara apologizes to Alex for being too distant during her coming out, which help her to express her feelings towards Maggie with more simplicity: “she’s so smart and tough and beautiful, so beautiful…” After this moving exchange of words, Alex returns to Maggie and kisses her! But our heroine gets gently turned down… Returning home with a broken heart, Alex breaks down and cries in the arms of Kara. Her last scene couldn’t be more heartbreaking. Now I wonder what will happen in the next episodes. Note: all scenes should be replaced by fanmades very soon in order to preserve the sharers.

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  1. kate says:

    I almost cried watching the scene were Alex breaks down.

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