Sanvers (2.07) all is not lost, but the Friendzone is real

In the seventh episode of Supergirl called The Darkest Place, Maggie and Alex slowly move away from each other as their relationship becomes a little more tense than usual. When Maggie meets Alex at the bar, surrounded by her sister and colleagues, she asks her for a private talk and tell her that she’s worried about her recent silence. Maggie wants to know if everything is ok since their last discussion. Alex is somewhat disoriented by this mixed signal *how could it be otherwise* so she implicitly reminds her that she just got turned down *and it hurts!*. But Maggie doesn’t really hear her pain so she puts her back in the friendzone while trying to reassure her. From that moment, Alex becomes increasingly uneasy. A strong misunderstanding between them even begins to impact their professional relationship, until Alex decides to speak her mind to Maggie. Then everything becomes clearer: she feels betrayed, she thought that Maggie’s encouragement had a deeper meaning than a mere gesture of friendship. Again, Detective Sawyer does her best to be empathetic but ultimately, she keeps her distance. Their last interaction is equally frustrating *please Maggie, stop offering her your friendship* but the mutual affection they have for each other begins to manifest itself.

2 Responses

  1. Mel says:

    …but that eye fucking. Maggie is playing games with Alex, and Alex is rightfully confused.

  2. Anna says:

    Indeed it is @ friend zone… but I respect it

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