Scout & Hedwig in Eden

Eden is a Mystery series that is already available in streaming on Stan Originals. The series transports viewers to an Eden of dazzling Australian beaches and lush forests, but all is not as it seems. A young woman’s secrets threaten to expose the darkness lurking just beneath the idyllic surface. Scout and Hedwig are portrayed by Sophie Wilde and Bebe Bettencourt.

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  1. Fil says:

    There is a great new German series on ZDF website with English subtitles and that has a lesbian relationship at the heart of the first series. Helena and Anika had a brief relationship one summer when they were teenagers, then separated. 12 years later they meet again and relationship catches fire. It is very well acted and the great news is there is a happy ending to Series 1.
    They also feature as minor players in Series 2. Episodes are released weekly online.

    I don’t understand why nobody else has noticed this series. There are 2 trailers on YouTube too but you have to go to the website of download the ZDF app ( German only) to watch.

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