Seeking Dolly Parton (2013)

Seeking Dolly Parton is a drama created by Michael Worth. Here is a synopsis of the movie: when Charlie and her girlfriend Cerina decide to have a baby together, the idea of using Cerina’s ex-boyfriend Josh as the live-in donor turns an easy on-paper idea into a much more challenging event. Charlie and Cerina are respectively portrayed by Kacey Clarke and Anya Monzikova.

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  1. NIkki says:

    where can I watch this movie? I can’t find it anywhere online

  2. Emma says:

    Hey Nikki, if i’m not mistaken, the only possiblity to see the movie were at the mglff festival, apparently, the film will be publicly realeased this year, you can read this post from GRIZZLY PEAK FILMS:

  3. SVan says:

    When will this be available on dvd?
    Not interested in buy for 72 hours!

  4. Anjie says:

    How to download it?

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