Seeking Dolly Parton will be publicly released on September 25th

Finally! This is the first word that crosses my mind when I received a message from the film distributor earlier today. Seeking Dolly Parton is one of the most popular non-mainstream movies we archived on Lesbian Interest, this romantic comedy is starring Kacey Barnfield who played in Resident Evil: Afterlife and Anya Monzikova who had a role in Iron Man. Obviously, a lot of our readers asked and keep asking how to simply see this title. Well, I have an excellent news for you: Seeking Doly Patron will soon be available as a digital download on vimeo (September 25th). This is a good occasion to recall the film’s story to our mind:

When Charlie (Kacey Barnfield) and her partner Cerina (Anya Monzikova) decide to have a baby, they go to Cerina’s estranged ex-boyfriend Josh (Michael Worth) to help fill in the “blanks”. But when old feelings return to the surface, the new feelings are not coming in without a fight. Also stars Raffaello Degruttola, Alex Ballar and Lois Stewart. Directed by Michael Worth.

One more time, the official link to access the movie will be this one: they will use the “On Demand” option on vimeo and propose their film $3.99 for a 72-hour rental period at this address:

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