Sexual Tension: Violetas, a series of six short films presented by TLA Releasing

Sexual Tension: Violetas is the sequel of the eponymous series called Volátil which depicted the awakening of homosexual desires in boys. This volume explore the game of seduction between women through the eyes of its authors: Marco Berger and Marcelo Mónaco. Indeed, the scenarios are clearly designed by men who fantasize lesbianism as a casual feeling subject to the frivolity of youth. Despite its many biased views, Sexual Tension: Violetas remains an interesting work to watch because of the undeniable charm of its actresses and their commitment in exciting roles. You will probably be frustrated more than once by the course of events that are leading the characters together, but that’s the price to pay for being addicted to cute flirting scenes and sapphism in movies. I think it worth a watch. Sexual Tension: Violetas is available on Amazon Prime with English subtitles.

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