This Is You And Me, a short film by April Maxey

This Is You and Me is a crowdfunded short film directed by April Maxey. It’s story follows a detached Marie (Alexandra Miller) one night in Auburn, New York. At a bar, Susie (Ellen Toland), a charismatic, slightly devious young woman, instantly intrigues her. Sensing each other’s urge for a night of spontaneity, the two immediately hit it off. However, the night takes a volatile turn when their intense connection triggers an unexpected reaction within Susie. Although it is ultimately a love story, it is not overly romanticized or idealized. The creators didn’t want to show a nascent relationship but rather a random encounter, a complex and toxic chemistry between two lost souls. The film explores this moment that, at this point in time in the characters lives, they both needed. This work was selected for Berlinale Talents SFS 2015.

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