By your side, L campaign in Greece

By your side is a Greece-wide campaign on same-sex partnership created by George Chorevas and Thanasis Tsimpinis. The film is presented in the form of a fary tale narrated by a woman who wants a princess by her side. She imagines her partner, the ups and downs of her relationship, and lingers on all the little details that embellish her life as a lesbian couple. By your side is a nationwide campaign with the ambition of combating discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Greece. The work was produced for a nonprofit organization called 11528, the entity brings its support to LGBTQI+ people. The protagonists are portrayed by Athena Chatziathanasiou and Nina Labrianidi. Noteyou can activate the English subtitles (via the CC button on the bottom right) to watch the video. Thanks to Thanasis Tsimpinis for sharing.

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