Sidetrack, a queer webseries made by Slope Cago Productions

Sidetrack is a ten episodes queer friendly show written by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, edited by Kirsten Bledsoe and produced by Celina Vicioso. The webseries follow the eventful relationships of five women living in Brooklyn. As they are facing common problems of metropolitan; Adrienne, Radhika, Sato, Allie and Sloan must also overcome concerns related to their social condition and sexuality. The scenario is based on a palette of varied characters with different lifestyles that goes from the female version of Don Juan to the apparently lovely couple who is in fact struggling to keep up. Observing them in their professional activities and hobbies, we are invited to gradually discover their endearing personalities and breaking down all appearing barriers with them. Sidetrack is the first solid project created by Slope Cago Productions. The studio seems ready to embark on a second adventure.

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