Siren, a bisexuality-themed short by Louise Marie Cooke

Siren is a short drama written and directed by Louise Marie Cooke. It tells the story of Elizabeth who is a young woman exploring her most secret desires while searching her own identity. As she slowly realizes that her current relationship with her boyfriend Tom is somewhat boring and way too far from her fancy expectations, Elizabeth meets Sirena by chance while walking in a street of the sleepy coastal town she lives in. Immediately attracted to the allure of this older Spanish woman, Eli quickly develops a secret fascination for her, without understanding any step of the process. And when she sees her again by chance at the table of a neighborhood bar, her confused attitude and facial expressions completely betray her budding interest for Sirena. The protagonists are portrayed by Shian Denovan, Valeria Vereau and Christian Kinde. Important notes & updates: Also, Louise Marie Cooke is currently working on another promising project called Pillow Talk, you can find more informations about this futur work on indiegogo and help her by making a donation.

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