Spectrum, a queer friendly comedic short by Katrina Kudlick

As a comic representation of sexual fluidity, Spectrum portrays the conflicted relationship of two best friends exploring their sexuality in great confusion. The film tells the story of Lilia who is quietly questioning herself and her attraction to women, so she decides to talks about her recent interest in girls with her closest friend Kori. Suprised and amused by these revelations, Kori does not take the news very seriously but rather think that Lilia is just going through a “gay phase”. She then asks her to join a queer friendly party where she might find girls interested in a relationship. But instead of introducing Lilia into the world of lesbianism, Kori falls in herself after being seduced by the barwoman with whom she will spend the night. Follows a wacky scenario where Lilia feels frustrated by the event and expresses jealousy while Kori continues to hide her infidelity to her female lover as her boyfriend. Spectrum is obviously a caricature of bisexuality which carries every imaginable clichés about queerness and bisexuality. Even so, I found alot of passages pretty comical and several scenes interesting to watch. It’s now your turn to judge. Spectrum was written by Allison Begalman & Aarin Abel and directed by independant film director Katrina Kudlick. The movie won the Most Creative prize at Don Thompson LGBT Film Festival and was officially selected by Frameline 40.

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  1. Hi Emma!

    Just wanted to correct you on this film. It was written by Allison Begalman and Aarin Abel, not Katrina Kudlick. Also– in TO HELL AND BACK, my other film you did a review on, it was written by Allison Begalman and Bryce Morgan. Thanks so much for your reviews, they were great!


    Allison Begalman

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