Marta and Francesca in Squadra antimafia – Palermo oggi

Squadra antimafia – Palermo oggi (or Anti-Mafia Squad – Palermo today in english) is an italian tv series aired in 2009 on prima visione, Canale 5. In the first four seasons, set in Palermo, we are told the story of the struggle between the state and the Mafia through the events of the deputy superintendent of police Claudia Mares, head of anti-mafia squad of Palermo, and Rosy Abate, girl tied to a mafia clan, linked by a tragic past that has brought them together. The end of this cycle will see the death of Mares. The fifth season of the events move to Catania. The star will once again Rosy Abate and the vice Lara Colombo, who both compete for the love of the vice chief Domenico Calcaterra in a kind of challenge between the Mafia and justice. Marta and Francesca are portrayed by Emilia Verginelli and Greta Scarano.

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  1. O.a says:

    Is there someone to translate these videos , I don’t understand at all Italian :/ please ? Just to tell what they’re talking about ?
    Love this couple

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