Stay Or Run, a song by Oriana

Stay Or Run is a love song, a lesbian-themed single performed by Oriana Sabatini for Pirca Records. Oriana is the daughter of Osvaldo Sabatini and Catherine Fulop. Oriana is the eldest of their two children; her younger sister is named Tiziana. She is also the niece of former professional tennis player Gabriela Sabatini. From an early age, Oriana Sabatini began her artistic training by taking singing, piano and theater lessons. During her studies, she attended the Instituto de Entrenamiento Actoral of Julio Chávez for two years and spent a year at the New York Film Academy. The music video clip below was directed by Ignacio Lecouna and Juani Ponce de León. The girlfriend of Oriana is portrayed by the beautiful Soledad Alfonso.

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