Stella Gibson’s character in The Fall

The third season of The Fall saw its first episode aired Thursday, September 29 on BBC Two. As promised by Allan Cubitt, we should be able to “further exploring the characters and themes that are at the heart of the drama”; which inevitably leads us to Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson). Stella is a strong woman and dominant character who holds the position of Detective Superintendent in London’s Metropolitan Police. She’s bisexual and usually very confident around people that interests her. She often intimidates the men with whom she comes in contact, as previously pointed out by Detective Birk. Her intelligence and fluency in the analysis of human behavior makes Stella truly fascinating, but also give her a frightening side. From what we’ve seen in the first episodes, two interesting duo have the potential to emerge from The Fall series 3: Danielle Ferrington/Stella Gibson or Gail Mcnally/Stella Gibson, so let’s ship them.

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