Strangers Season 2, the webseries

The second season follows Isobel as she switches from host to renter when she moves across the country with her best friend, Cam. On the cusp of 30 and now living in NYC, it’s Isobel’s year to explore the many different paths to adulthood, starting with a new neighborhood each episode. As a woman living fully in the bi-sphere – bisexual, biracial, and now bi-coastal – Isobel is saying yes to life and asking the most difficult question: where do you belong when you’re in between everything? Isobel & Mari are portrayed by Zoë Chao and Kathleen Munroe. You can watch the entire season for free on Facebook, the first season is also available there.

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  1. Marie says:

    this show is next level webseries, it’s so so sooo good
    not only the story and acting but also the whole composition and cinematography, hands down the best webseries I’ve ever watched

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