Stuff (2015)

Stuff is a lesbian drama written and directed by Suzanne Guacci. With two beautiful young daughters and a house in the suburbs, married couple Trish and Deb Murdoch have built what should be a perfect life together. But after 14 years, Deb and Trish are miles apart–emotionally and in their king-size bed. Their relationship is threatened when Trish’s ongoing grief over her father’s death coincides with Deb’s attraction to Jamie, the mom of one of their daughter’s classmates. Initially put off by Jamie’s unconventional style, stay-at-home mom Deb craves adult company, and an unmistakable intensity develops slowly between them. Trish, still mired in grief Deb Murdoch and Jamie are portrayed by Yvonne Jung and Traci Dinwiddie.

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  1. Reham says:

    from where can i download this movie??

  2. Mary Ann Yochim says:

    Also, where can I purchase this movie, Stuff with Traci Dinwiddie?

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