Sufi and Anjali’s YouTube channel

Sufi and Anjali is the Youtube channel’s name of Sundas Malik, a Muslim artist from Pakistan, and Anjali Chakra, a Hindu originally from India. We noticed them when their photographer, Sarowar Ahmed, released a set of pictures of their wedding in New York. Malik also took to Instagram to share some images from the shoot and captioned it: “I grew up witnessing and watching different kinds of love, some in my family and some in Bollywood. After I got a little older and realized what my sexuality was, I never saw representation of people who looked like me. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be that with the love of my life…”. She commented on another with a sentence that speaks for itself: “We never really thought the bond we share with each other would be a ‘mending’ barrier between two religions and cultures always in conflict”. Note: you can follow Sufisun, Anjali and Sarowar on Twitter and find their instagram there.

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