Susana and Cátia in Jogo Duplo

Jogo Duplo, also known as Double Play, is a Portuguese telenovela broadcast and produced by TVI. It was written by Artur Ribeiro. The series premiered on November 4, 2017. After an exile in Macau, João Guerra decides to return to Portugal to reconquer Margarida, the lost love of his adolescence and the daughter of Afonso and Maria João Barbosa; which initially provoked their separation. Moving on the constantly changing game board, the spectators are invited to explore the various sides of a dark society, by following a scenario rich in surptising events, involving the police, who fight against crime, teachers and students of an arts school, who try to make a difference through art, journalists who risk their lives and search for the truth, businessmen who are working in a dangerous environment, and a profusion of complex characters evolving in a world where heroes are capable of terrible acts and where villains can receive salvation. Susana Wang and Cátia Sobral are portrayed by Anna Eremin and Jani Zhao.

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