The best of Jade and Althea from The Rich Man’s Daughter 2

The Rich Man’s Daughter 2 is the Philippines’ first lesbian drama series premiered on GMA Network. The show is featuring Jade and Althea played by Rhian Ramos and Glaiza de Castro. Jade thought she’d lead a normal life; get married, have children, she believed in her family’s culture and traditions. All her life, she has only been with men including her longtime boyfriend David (Luis Alandy). Until one day when she meets Althea, the wedding coordinator at her brother’s wedding, who also turns out to be the woman that will change her life forever. While Jade is straying from her family’s traditions, her father will do everything it takes to preserve the Tanchingco’s reputation even if it means to make his daughter’s life a living hell. Will Jade be able to endure the hardships of her relationship with the woman she loves? Will she obey her father’s wishes? Or will she stay strong for Althea? But what if in exchange for this love is the wreckage of her family? Is their love really worth fighting for? This is the story of The Rich Man’s Daughter. NB: the quality is low, there are eng subtitles only in the first video.

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  1. hapsi says:

    there is full episode on dailymotion with eng sub..

  2. MIA ZAMAN says:

    Jade & althea sungguh drama piliphin yg sangat bagus….sy menonton dr yutube sampai berulang x, sayang durasinya hanya sampai 65 episud, berharap drama ini ada kelanjutanya sampai ada kisah tentang kematian diantara mereka berdua.

  3. Simba says:

    There are full episodes with English subtitles available on YouTube.

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