The Darkest Days of Us (2018) lesbian film

The Darkest Days of Us, also known as Los días más oscuros de nosotras, is a mexican drama written and directed by Lila Nieto and Astrid Rondero, who also offered us the short film In Still Waters. The recollection Ana has of the day her sister died is a fragmented and hazy image that has haunted her since childhood. Now, she has returned to Tijuana, her hometown, where she will have to face the pain and darkness of her memory. Ana moves across the street of her childhood home and starts to spy on her new tenant, Silvia, who has her own obsession with the house and wants to buy it. The movie is a journey through the state of being a woman in Mexico. It’s a parable about memory, destiny and the very human desire to resist darkness. Ana and Silvia are portrayed by Sophie Alexander-Katz and Florencia Ríos.

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