Brides to Be (2016) lesbian movie

Brides to Be is the official follow-up of a popular & romantic short film called Together Forever. The piece was written and directed by Kris & Lindy Boustedt. Robin and Jenna are getting married. Robin is excited beyond words; Jenna, on the other side, is plagued by panic attacks and struggles to write her vows. When they arrive at their secluded fairy-tale venue, sinister forces besiege them, threatening to tear them apart. Brides to Be is both a love story and a psychological thriller, a timeless romance and a haunted house. Skillfully mixing genres, it explores how doubt and fear can be imposed upon us and infect us from within, but only if we let it. Robin and Jenna are potrayed by Angela DiMarco and Carollani Sandberg. The movie will be available July 1st on multiple VOD plateforms via Seed&Park. Note: big news in february, First Sight Productions just shared Brides to Be in High Definition (for free) on their Youtube channel.

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