The L Word (Fandom Revival part 1) Carmen & Shane

Now we know that The L Word is officially back at Showtime, it is probably a good idea to revive the fandom. Let’s keep it fun by avoiding all the dramas surrounding the series. The first playlist is dedicated to Carmen & Shane. In The L Word Season 2, Carmen is introduced as a production assistant at the TV station where Shane McCutcheon is hired to be hairdresser for Arianna Huffington. At Shane and Carmen’s first meeting, Carmen speaks of her job as a PA and of her passion for music and reveals that she regularly moonlights as a DJ. The two then begin a sexual relationship. Outwardly, Shane regards Carmen as a casual hook-up; however, her continued pursuit of Carmen shows otherwise. It is also clear that Carmen’s feelings toward Shane are more than superficial. The two women are portrayed by Sarah Shahi and Katherine Moennig.

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