The L Word (Fandom Revival part 2) Bette and Tina

The second playlist of The L Word fandom revival is dedicated to Bette and Tina. At the beginning of the first season, having been a couple for 7 years, Tina and Bette are in the process of searching for a sperm donor so that Tina can be artificially inseminated. Bette and Tina’s relationship appears to their friends as very strong. Tina confirms to their closest friends that Bette is her “first, last, and forever” love. However, from the very beginning they seem to have problems, and even as they attempt to start a family, it is revealed that they no longer make love. Although they seem to move past this problem as the series progresses, Bette’s career in the California Arts Center is shown to come between them, with Bette frequently not having time to spend with Tina. The two women are portrayed by Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman.

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