The L Word (Fandom Revival part 3) Alice and Dana

The third playlist of The L Word fandom revival is dedicated to Alice and Dana. With a rising professional tennis career on her way, Dana Fairbanks was afraid to come out as a lesbian; she was raised in a conservative background and refuses to accept her sexuality, making her a rigid, fearful, and neurotic person. Alice, on her side, is openly bisexual. Her lifestyle bothers her close friend Dana, who believes she is just masquerading her uncertainty about her sexuality. However, Alice claims she simply is looking for the same qualities in men as in women. According to the story, she discovered it during the college years, when she started a three-month affair with Tayo, the bass player of her band Butter. Alice then started to indistinctly date men and women. Alice and Dana are portrayed by Leisha Hailey and Erin Daniels.

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