The L Word (Fandom Revival part 5) Helena & Dylan

The fifth playlist of The L Word fandom revival is dedicated to Helena and Dylan. Helena is an Alpha female who almost always publicly or recklessly displays her affection toward accompanying female companions. Dylan had a boyfriend and insisted she was straight, but started an affair with Helena as part of a con she and her boyfriend set up. She secretly filmed while role-playing with Helena, and had her on tape insisting she sleep with her or she would lose her funding. At the end of the episode Helena was served a subpoena for sexual harassment. After Helena decided to settle the case, Dylan sent her a videotape in which she told her how sorry she was, and said she couldn’t deal with coming out and couldn’t face the fact that she loved Helena. Dylan showed up again in season 6 when she ran into Helena and her friends while out dancing in a lesbian club, not knowing Helena was the owner. Dylan thanked her for “helping” her figure out her sexuality, and they resumed dating until Helena broke up with her in the season finale after realizing she could never fully trust her again. The two women are portrayed by Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison.

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