Astrid, the new love interest of Niska in Humans

Humans is a british science fiction series broadcast on Channel 4. The story takes place in an alternate present where technology has been meticulously exploited in order to create Synths, a species of domestic robots who obey humans. Some of them seem to be mysteriously endowed with reason, conscience and free will. In the first episode of Humans season 2, Niska is approached by a girl at a party. She begins by refusing her advances before to open up. To give you an idea of the atmosphere: Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin, while the other Synths are laying low in the UK. All their interactions were very interesting but I fear that her new love interest won’t be shown in the rest of the season because there is no spoilers revealing a significant romance, but who knows… At least we see her more than once in the pilote. Niska is portrayed by Emily Berrington and Bella Dayne plays the role of Astrid Schaeffer.

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  1. Vnn says:

    I really like this couple and Niska 🙂

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