The ‘Other’ Love Story web series also depicts the culture and traditions of Indian society

Behind the romance of Aadhya and Aachal,  The ‘Other’ Love Story tacitly deploys a naturalistic work exploring a patriarchal Indian society whose sources are printed in Aadhya’s diary. As she uses this medium to confide in herself and find a balance point allowing her to overcome difficulties, Aadhya also depicts the cultural environment that surrounds her. Indeed, you will soon realize that the web series not only follows the journey of two women in love but also reveals the intimacy of two traditional families. The character of Aachal symbolizes the influence of traditions on the lives of young women encouraged to marry early at the expense of their studies and their dreams of freedom. It’s in this context that will born a romantic relationship between the two protagonists portrayed by Shweta Gupta and Spoorthi Gumaste. Note: The ‘Other’ Love Story is partially releasing on Justlikethat Films youtube channel.

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