Bonnie & Bonnie (2019) lesbian movie

Bonnie & Bonnie is a 2019 german drama directed by Ali Hakim. Yara is 17 years old and lives with her father, who comes from Albania, and her three siblings in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. In addition to her job in a supermarket, she spends her spare time with her clique. One day she meets Kiki, a strong, tough and rebellious woman who will change her life. The two girls fall in love at first sight. While Yara can almost taste freedom, Kiki, who grew up orphan, experiences love and tenderness for the first time. But their entourage isn’t enclined to support this relationship, especially Yara’s father, who has already chosen a husband for her, and her brother Bekim, who has even turned a blind eye to Kiki. When Yara’s family learns about their romance, the couple is forced to flee in the south of France, where lives the sister of Kiki…

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