Three Veils (2011) lesbian film

Three Veils is a drama written and directed by Rolla Selbak. Leila, carried away by her fantasies of perfect love, accept to marry Ali in an arranged marriage. She agreed to this union but now doubt sets in her heart as her wedding night approach. Amira, introverted, lonely and very devout Muslim, struggles to bury her deep attraction to women although these feelings are contrary to her religious beliefs. Nikki, party girl, sassy and self-destructive, gives free rein to her fantasies, when in reality she fights against the ghosts of her childhood. These three Middle Eastern muses with a singular destiny are all shown through their similarities: an appetite to defy tradition and hope in an alternative lifestyle. Leila, Amira and Nikki are portrayed by Mercedes Mason, Angela Zahra and Sheetal Sheth.

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