To Here Knows When (2015)

The storyline looks promising, To Here Knows When is an authentic drama that draws attention to the essential: the meaning of life. When death approaches and becomes more than an hypotetical end, we surely see things from an other point of view, this is what Cassie and Lena will experienced. The two girls portrayed by Carrie Salter and Heather Hewko are sharing the same disease: a terminal breast cancer; therefore, the material environment that is surrounding them will show his chimerical face and leave his place to what really counts: feelings, passion and love…  An interesting roadtrip which will certainly and deeply touch your soul. If you find the project interesting, you can support the team on their Kickstarter Page and to know more about the movie, the cast or the scenario, here is the To Here Knows When official websiteNote: the project has been aborted.

4 Responses

  1. mariya says:

    no Comment

  2. mariya says:

    Ktara, beautiful movie I want to see it

  3. Alex says:

    Wait this project is aborted? Meaning it’s not going to come out? Please tell me because I’ve been looking for the movie forever.

    • Emma says:

      Yes Alex, the project is aborted. It doesn’t mean the crew will completely give up on the movie but THKW is definitly compromised for now because of a lack of funding.

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