The trailer of Extra Terrestres

Extra Terrestres also known as Extra Terrestrials is a puerto rican drama written and directed by Carla Cavina. Here is an official synopsis: The Díaz are an influential and well-to-do family who control much of the poultry industry in the island. Arcadio is an authority figure who rules over his family’s destiny as he does over his business. Teresa, his eldest, left home during her college years to become an astrophysicist against her father’s wishes. Now, after a 7-year absence, she returns home for a few weeks in order to reveal a secret long kept from her family and to invite them to her wedding with Daniela in the Canary Islands. But, once back, her intentions turn to dust when she finds herself trapped in the family’s old habit of lying. No one in the family is as they seem, nor are they willing to unveil their true selves. Within this world of half-truths, Terese encounters Andrés, her nephew, a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who shares her passion for the stars. Through his view of the universe, Teresa experiences a sublime revelation: That our worries are infinitely small next to the music of the stars.

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