Une histoire des homosexualités – La fabrique de l’histoire (French podcast)

Emmanuel Laurentin talks with Sandra Boehringer, lecturer in Greek history at the University of Strasbourg, whose work focuses on sexual categories and the history of gender in the ancient world. “If we look for an equivalent of the term sexuality in Antiquity, we will not find it: namely a word which designates identities, acts, sexual practices but also the whole device which says something about us. Today, sexuality has come to lodge at the heart of our psychic life. We define ourselves in relation to our sex, but also in relation to a sexual orientation which would clarify whether we are within the norms or not, whether we are deviant or not. These defined forms of categorization, specified by medicine and by law during the 19th century, the ancient world ignores” said Sandra Boehringer in La fabrique de l’histoire.


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