Vestido Azul, a sapphic-themed song by Allibu

Vestido Azul is a spanish single from the first EP of Allibu called Camino. The video clip of the song was directed by Katherina Harder. It shows the obsessive desire of a student for her classmate. Margarita Ferrada is engaged in a platonic relationship with her boyfriend. And as soon as an opportunity arises, she dreams about Simone Mardones, a girl with whom she shares a passion for swimming and who drives her crazy. While she fantasizes a love affair with Simone, she manages to seduce her during a college party and spend the all night with her. But the story does not tell us if this event was real or not. The flirting scenes are magic and the scenario ends well ! I should probably not reveal the number of times I replayed the final sequence…

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