Different for Girls, lesbian-themed wesbseries

Different for Girls is an original, successfully crowfunded, British web series written by Jacquie Lawrence and directed by Campbell X. The project gained an enormous attention after revealing its ambitions and cast, composed of Rachel Shelley, Caroline Whitney Smith, Sarah Soetaert, Nimmy March, Charlie Hardwick, Guinevere Turner, Helen Oakleigh, Tuyen Do and Sophie Ottley. The story is presented as a ground breaking drama of twelve episodes set in West London, aimed to an LGBTQ audience, featuring a group of lesbian and bisexual women whose lives and loves revolve around children, marriage, friendships, gay co-parenting, betrayal, people afraid to come out and divorce. The official trailer was shared in January on Lesbian Box Office‘s official youtube page. The full series Different for Girls was released on March 18, 2017.

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