Watch the teaser trailer & full trailer of Carmilla Season 3

First look at Carmilla’s third season which will close chapters of this successful web series. The first episode should be premiered online September 15 on Kinda TV. Take this opportunity to watch the complete series from the beginning in case you don’t already know everything about Carmilla. It looks like the queerness will be tenfold this year so be ready for Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis last reunion before the official release of Almost Adults. This Canadian single-frame web show is created by Jordan Hall and Ellen Simpson. The story is based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s eponym novel, a Gothic writer who initiated early works of vampire fiction. His book released in 1872 even preceded Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 26 years. Edit: full trailer of Carmilla season 3 has been added to the playlist.

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