What’s next (2) – A small list of upcoming series that might interest you

Well, today I would like to mention five upcoming series that interest me, although they are not very visible in the media sphere at the moment. I thought it would be more useful to list them here than keeping them in my good books. Most of these works are completed today, except one project which has just launched its fundraising campaign. However, none of them has an official release date. Before getting to the heart of my post, I want to thank Marion and Briséis for regularly drawing my attention on interesting series. It seems like the coming months could offer us a few titles in line with our expectations, lets hope for the best.

For Ex-Lovers Only unfolds the intimate details of Zoe’s relationship with Joanna as she faces the fallout of their break-up, her struggle for self-identity, and the challenge of creating a new life out of the ashes of an old one. This Brooklyn-based web series directed by Andrew Gitomer is starring Genevieve Hudson-Price, Tess Harrison, Marzy Hart and Claire Jemison. It will be the first original series from Section II, which was also responsible for distributing Brides to Be. The series was premiered at Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival 2016.

FAM the series is the follow up to the award-winning film Family that centered around a group of 30-something, closeted lesbian friends who make a vow to come out together within 30 days. FAM launches the TV series that catches up with this same group of women in the aftermath of their coming out and chronicles their lives as they strive for happiness, love, and success in contemporary southern California. It looks like this series written by Faith Trimel has found a distribution circuit to television, which is an exciting news. We are now patiently waiting for more informations from the producers. You can follow this project on Facebook.

Different for girls is a twelve part web series featuring a group of lesbian and bisexual women whose lives and loves revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and divorce. The show is based on the eponym novel of Jacquie Lawrence and is set in Chiswick neighborhood, a district of west London. The synopsis does not sound very original at first but this sentence made me smile: “you can rest assured that no lesbian will be killed or harmed during it’s making”. The most interesting part of this project is the cast composed of Rachel Shelley (The L Word), Heather Peace (Lips Service), Helen Oakleigh, Nimmy March, Sarah Soetaert and Janet Ellis and Caroline Whitney Smith (Her Story). You can support the team on Indiegogo.

LSB season 3 is a popular web series self produced by two female directors. The team has recently announced a third season and shared an official trailer on youtube. As in the first two seasons, the story of LSB season 3 will revolve around the same circle of lesbian friends living in Rome, Italy. Floriana Buonomo and Geraldine Ottier aim to expose the universality of relationship dynamics by confronting the audience with the hurdles that gay people still lives nowadays in Italy. To reach their goals, they invite viewers to easily empathize with the characters and find themselves through the protagonists’ lives, regardless of their sexuality.

Scissr is a seven episodes web series created by Lauren Augarten. The project has the ambition to become a cross between Girls and The L Word. The story follows Emily, Corey and Aviva, three gay girls in their twenties who live in Brooklyn, NY. Aviva just came out but doesn’t know a single lesbian, Corey’s too heartbroken to meet anyone, and Emily has already slept with half of Brooklyn, rendering her pool of choice miniscule. Once they connect through a iPhone app called SameSame, these girls will laugh, lie and do whatever it takes to help each other navigate life in this upbeat dramedy about a unique group of young women taking charge of their twenties. The first season pilot (which serves as genesis) is already out since late 2014, and the following six episodes are progressing well. You can help the production team on indiegogo.

That’s all for the moment. I’ll try to keep you updated on these series as much as possible because I think they look promising. If you have any specific request about these creations or feel the need to outline another L project, feel free to use the comment section.

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  1. DR says:

    Scissr has finally dropped all the episodes for season 1. It’s now called “Same Same”


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