Bring “Where Are the Dolls” back to light, a short film by Cassandra Nicolaou

Where Are the Dolls who loved me so… is a nonlinear drama written and directed by Cassandra Nicolaou. The story is inspired by the first words of Elizabeth Bishop’s fragmentary and unpublished poem in which she combines her childhood memories with her present identity. Her text borrows the softness and idealized femininity of women she remembers, before to unveil a muted frustration linked to her own actual sadness. Her disenchantment slowly makes the nurses mentioned as stoic as dolls and we end up asking ourselves if Elizabeth spoke about human beings or toys from the beginning. The short film of Cassandra voluntarily maintains this mind game by increasing the notion of reverie contained in the poem. The adaptation follows a conflicted woman through her late-night journey in an unfamiliar urban landscape of Toronto, unconsciously searching for something she cannot name. The protagonists are portrayed by Megan Follows, Nicola Correia-Damude and Katie Boland.

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